TRENTO_car park + park

Moena  (Tn)
project: 2013 (concorso)
client: Town of Moena
dimensional data:              
lot area:    11.500 mq
GBA parking: 9.100 mq
park: 3.000 mq 


The position chosen for the building of the new car park, a steeply sloping plot of land in an Alpine valley with a river passing though, is an essential element of absolute importance. The shape, the choice of materials, the interrelation with the landscape and the future relationship with the surrounding nature and the village, were all dependent on the location of the lot.

The new building, which poses itself an interface between the Alpine surroundings and its urban function, becomes the symbol of the identity and the development of this part of the valley. The valley, the river, the car park and the new bridge constitute a complex which can give life to a precious place, full of meaning. A place that thus becomes somewhere to go to, a destination, not only an area of transit.