HELSINKI _ Guggenheim Museum

Helsinki (FIN)
project 2014 (competition)
dimensional data:
GBA 14.222 sqm


The dynamic union between the site, with its several interest points, and the programmed objectives of the foundation created the new museum. The integration between open space, museum and exhibits are constant visual reminders to and from the city and the presence of nature form the proposal’s basic theme.
The inner shell contains a large central empty space which one can organise as the principal element of the project, with the role of attraction for the visitors and offering art to the city.
The public square in front of the museum continues inside the shell along the circular staircase until it reaches the roof and expands towards the Park along the pedestrian bridge.
The goal is therefore to design a public area capable of generating a unique spatial experience, enriched by the large number of views and the ever-changing “site specific” installations.
The stereometric elongated volume, as well as connecting nature (the hill) with the developed area composed of nineteenth century style blocks, represents the new landmark that dialogues with the port and the city and is a must-see destination for tourists.