BRESCIA_ Canopies of the main entrances of the Brescia below-ground underground stations

project 2014
realization 2017
client Brescia Infrastrutture Srl
dimensional data:
Stations Prealpino, Mompiano, Europa, Ospedale, Marconi, Stazione F.S. , Bresciadue, Lamarmora, Volta, Cimabue.

The proposal is based on the desire to build a single and unique object which never changes even when in different places. The canopies are developed as a box characterised by a strong reduction of the material components. The structure, entirely in steel, supports the real force distribution. Almost insubstantial when seen from outside, it is able to absorb the required loads and at the same time form the pyramid that creates the reflections required by the project. The challenge is to ‘activate’ the public space with the insertion of an element able to interact with the various sites without altering their conditions and maintaining a simple composition.