BOLZANO_nursery school

Town of Sluderno (Bz)
project 2012 (competition)
client Town of Sluderno
dimensional data:
lot area 4.339 sqm - GBA 2.000 sqm


The methodological approach required the integration of binding elements such as the shape of the lot, building law limitations and urban planning restrictions, with technological aspects and systems capable of guaranteeing a correct bio-climatic design. The data constituting constraints to the design led us to the definition of a building perceived as two volumes linked by a ground floor. The main volume, divided into three sections, is positioned to the South-West of the lot, the second volume, destined to the fourth section, offices and warehouses, occupies the North-East portion. The space enclosed between the two volumes is occupied by a small private garden and square, which is the entrance to the nursery school.