Luigi Serboli, (Brescia 1968), got his degree at the Politecnico of Milan in 1994. With Valeria Boschi in 1999 he co-founded the studio ‘Boschi+Serboli architetti associati’, since 2008 he has also worked individually with ‘aa-ls’. His architectural language stems from a multidisciplinary design method, based on the dialectic relationship between architecture, city planning, art and building installations. The design process is constantly guided by a strategy aiming at the sustainability of the project in order to give a positive contribution to community and environment through the development of a low-tech techno-ecological culture.


aa-ls is a multidisciplinary design studio, based in Brescia, Italy, dedicated to the research, development and practice of architecture.
The studio, led by its founder Luigi Serboli, has the know-how to deal with projects of any kind and scale, with the constant goal of providing innovative and sustainable solutions.
The continued focus on the client and their needs helps us to develop a process animated by a spirit of deep collaboration.
From the preliminary stages to the construction phase, the project team is constantly supported by a network of professionals specialized in different disciplines who are always able to meet the client’s requirements in an integrated and competent way.
We consider every project as unique. This is why, while always considering quality as a must, our approach does not follow standardized processes.

Sustainability_Sustainability is a central theme of our work. A holistic approach to the various challenges posed by sustainable design allows us to be in the forefront of this sector. Our commitment, in accordance with the LEED Rating System, has enabled us to build efficient buildings with tangible economic, environmental and social benefits.

Integrated design_ the best project arises from an integrated approach. Each project team is supported right from the beginning by structural and environmental engineers for the sole purpose of designing buildings that work better for people.

Research+development_ Every design decision is always the result of a thorough analysis, allowing us to provide the best economic and technological solution.